The Quadron Virtual Particle - version history

Version 1.8 (middle 2012 - today)

Renamed to Quadron Virtual Particle.

  • forward / deferred renderer
  • light handling
  • iOS + GLES support
  • PVR compression
  • multiple render target support
  • leak detection
  • OpenCL support
  • QuadronFX shader language
  • shader editor
  • OpenGL core profile support
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Version 1.7 (2011 - early 2012)

Huge improvements.

  • MD5 import (Doom3, Quake 4)
  • M2 import (World of Warcraft)
  • skeletal animation on the CPU
  • box-based physics
  • improved material system
  • basic transparency sorting
  • ogg-vorbis import
  • sprite-based GUI
  • compressed textures (DXT)
  • pack file
  • multithreading
  • basic memory management
  • added OpenGL support
  • added OpenAL support
  • added MAC OS X support
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Version 1.6 (late 2010)

I was working on my degree dissertation, so I did not have much time for the engine.

  • refined interfaces
  • refactored XML scene
  • sprite-based text rendering
  • sound with XAudio2
  • utility library to load image formats

Version 1.5 (2010)

Third contest of home-made engines (5th place in average of 11). It was a pure brute-force polygon render test, so there was not much for the engine to work with.

  • major changes in the interface
  • uses inheritance instead of callbacks
  • improved post-effect system with the use of renderers
  • fixed timestep based game logic
  • signal/slot-based event handling

Version 1.4 (2009)

Second contest of home-made engines (no info on it).
  • XML based scene definition
  • introduced shader-based materials
  • with automatic handling of named uniforms
  • basic postprocessing support

Version 1.3 (2008)

First game written with the engine, named SpaceBang (8th place of 13).
Participation on a contest of home-made engines (1st place). The contest relied on view-dependent performance, so VFC came in handy.

  • scene graph based hierarchy
  • view frustum culling
  • content management
  • subset-based rendering
  • camera classes
  • C-style callbacks

Version 1.2 (2007)

Rerolled to C++ and started coding everything by hand.

  • maths library
  • platform independent interface
  • implementation for DirectX 9
  • .obj import
  • input handling with DirectInput 8

Version 1.1

Started development with C# and XNA. It was named Quantum, because of the letter q (it was gonna be the qoolest engine). It was quickly revealed that the language is incapable of handling the tasks required.

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