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All the programs listed below were created by me. Some of them were participating in the hungarian website's minigame contests. C++ source code is included for some of them.

Quadron VP 1.8 tech demo (in progress)
quadron Still in progress, but it will demonstrate the new features included in the 1.8 version. Most importantly the forward and deferred rendering pipelines.
| Video (legacy) | Video (actual)

Caustics demo (in progress)
quadron I have started dealing with this problem in terms of a homework at the university. Although it has been working fine, I was not satisfied with the results, so I decided to make it right this time. It's still a pain in the ass though...the biggest problem is the noise, which can be reduced using a bigger photon buffer, but it has a great cost in performance.
| Video

Quadron VP 1.7 tech demo
quadron Playable tech demo demonstrating the (1.7) capabilities of the engine. Features HDR post-effects, simple AABB physics, skeletal animation, sound handling, etc. Backward compatible to the Intel GMA (but obviously omits the advanced effects).

Update: now available with the 1.8 engine. Using the forward renderer, lighting effects are greatly improved.
| Video (legacy) | 1.8 (Win) | Dll-s

Isosurface viewer & demo
quadron I created this for my degree dissertation. It renders the model with quadratic C1 continuous splines, raytraced in the pixel shader. While sometimes it looks like the model consists of triangles it never does: this artifact is a theoretical problem with the algorithm (you can't make it fully C1 continuous). It can be improved using cubic splines instead of quadratic, but that requires significantly more memory.
| Video | Download | Slides (HUN) | Dll-s

DirectX and OpenGL tutorials
deferred Code for articles posted on my blog. Most of the source code comments are English.
| Git repo

sb2 Space Impact-style shooter, with funny graphics. You control Sir Cornhuck, who is a fufu (not UFO). He is on his way home from a great war, but he finds himself in an asteroid field, which is about to fall through a space-time anomaly. If it wouldn't be enough, the evil pop-eyes are harvesting the asteroid field for...well, whatever they can find. They are led by the most evil Muck Chorris. It is your duty to get out of this messy situation.

The game was created with an early version of Quadron VP, for a contest which allowed only two colors. It uses its own scripting language for levels, so it is moddable. Controllable with keyboard (WASD or arrows, no mouse). It has a hidden easter egg which changes the impact sound (tip: check out the command line options)!
| Download

SpaceBang 2
sb2 Sequel to the first SpaceBang game. It is revealed, that the attack of the pop-eyes was a misdirection: Muck Chorris's real goal is to destroy the fufu home planet! Of course our hero approaches his home unsuspecting, only to find himself in the middle of the assault.

As the subject of my thesis, the game was created with DummyFramework (see below). Its script language is more sophisticated than the previous. Controllable with keyboard (WASD or arrows, no mouse).
| Video | Download | Dll-s

sb2 Locally playable multiplayer tetris. There are two modes: versus and coop. In versus mode, the tables are swapped every 30 seconds, though you can't gain benefit from this, because if your stack is too high it gets halved. In coop mode, the tetrominos can be joined together to form new ones. Controllable with keyboard (WASD and arrows, no mouse).
| Download | Dll-s

dummy DirectX 9 framework. Contains the source code of MulTetris and SpaceBang 2. I used it for homeworks and the isosurface demos. Hosted on github.
| Git repo | Video1 | Video2

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